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2 Dec 1996

[New] smbfs vs nfssteve farrell
  Re: PPP-Problem?! A short question...Matthias Welwarsky
[New] Re: new NTP/PPS patch available"Ulrich Windl"
[New] Re: 2.1.12 & routingHerbert Xu
  Signals and the FPU control word: documented behavior?"Peter.Vaneynde"
[New] Fwd: [patch / 2.1.10] Kswapd cosmetic bug(Erik Andersen)
[New] Strange OOPS in 2.0.25 kernelFlavio Spada
[New] 2.1.14 patch weird...Bernhard Rosenkraenzer
  Re: GB vs. MBBradley Ward Allen
  Re: RFC: Modified FAT filesystem driver?(Robert Nichols)
[New] Re: smbfs vs nfs"Paul Flinders"
[New] Kernel Compile problemDuncan Hill
  Re: X won't start under 2.1.14Peter K
[New] Re: GB vs. MB"Lauri Tischler"
  Re: GB vs. MB"Mark H. Wood"
  Re: OOPS in 2.0.25Nathan Bryant
  Re: Good News Linux Novell"Mark H. Wood"
  Re: GB vs. MBJohan_Myréen
[New] Re: RFC: Modified FAT filesystem driver?Albert Cahalan
[New] Patch: speed up getname()Michael Elizabeth Chastain
[New] Compile errors in 2.1.14Brett Hollon (BHOLLON)
[New] 2.1.14 appletalk module problemRegis DUCHESNE
[New] (V2.1.14) kfree_skb passed an skb still on a list [email protected] ...
[New] followup to Compile errors in 2.1.14Brett Hollon (BHOLLON)
  Re: kernel 2.0.26"D. Chiodo"
[New] Sockets in "CLOSING" state...Chris Saia
  128Mb Memory support"David N. Cicalo"
[New] ncr53c8xx.c dependancy problemKevin Lentin
[New] Reboot on floppy access - 2.0.25The Operator from Hell
[New] IP Masquerading broken in 2.1.14Brett Hollon (BHOLLON)
[New] 2.0.27 compilation broken?!?!?Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo
  Re: SysVinit v2.66(Miquel van Smoorenburg)
[New] Re: Linux 2.1.14 Compile [li]Liquid Insanity
[New] Weird CD-ROM messagesRob Glover
  Re: Linux-2.0.27 and 2.1.14Larry Mintz
[New] Re: Which of the latest 2.0.x-versions is stable? None with NFS?David Woodhouse
  Re: GB vs. MBKevin Lentin
  Re: 128Mb Memory supportRob Glover
[New] Intel EtherExpress Pro (making it work)Illuminati Primus
[New] strange problem with squid on 2.1.?(Marc Lehmann)
  Re: OOPS in 2.0.25Ion Badulescu
  Re: OOPS in 2.0.25Nathan Bryant
  Re: supermount"Stephen C. Tweedie"
[New] SCSI Warnings in 2.0.25Michael Nelson
  Re: [PATCH] Re: Corrupted inode list?"Stephen C. Tweedie"
  Re: rpm broken in 2.1.xErik Troan
[New] RE: Compressed device driver?"Ray Van Tassle-CRV004"
  Re: 2.0.27 compilation broken?!?!?Nathan Bryant
[New] Linux VCR driver?Brent Glines
  Re: smbfs vs nfs(Matthias Urlichs)
[New] Reveal sc400 what driverTimothy Peters
[New] Re: RFC: Modified FAT filesystem driver?Michael Bruck
[New] NCPFS and kernel v2.1.[234]Michael Boettger
  Re: RFC: Modified FAT filesystem driver?Mike Bristow
[New] PIO modes & TritonTekno Soft Snc
  Re: 128Mb Memory supportTyson D Sawyer
  Re: Fwd: [patch / 2.1.10] Kswapd cosmetic bugGadi Oxman
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