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SubjectSmall enhancement to Makefile

Good evening folks,

I would like to make a very little improvement to Linux' main
Makefile. I have to compile kernel for some other machines on one
machine. I try to use modules very much.

When I eval a "make modules_install" all modules will be installed in
/lib/modules/$version - but on the wrong machine. I would like to
write "make MODPATH=/tmp modules_install" and all modules will be
installed in /lib/$version from where I can make a tar+gzip and copy
them onto the destination host.

Here's the change:

--- linux/Makefile.orig Thu Dec 19 17:20:52 1996
+++ linux/Makefile Thu Dec 19 17:22:18 1996
@@ -25,6 +25,7 @@

HPATH = $(TOPDIR)/include
FINDHPATH = $(HPATH)/asm $(HPATH)/linux $(HPATH)/scsi $(HPATH)/net
+MODPATH = /lib/modules

HOSTCFLAGS =-O2 -fomit-frame-pointer
@@ -274,7 +275,7 @@

@( \
cd modules; \
inst_mod() { These="`cat $$1`"; MODULES="$$MODULES $$These"; \
I really would appreciate including this in the kernel distribution.

As we won't meet again before xmas, I wish all of you a merry, merry
christmas, if you celebrate it, and a happy and completely linuxified
new year.


/ Martin Schulze * * 26129 Oldenburg /
/ Wer ist Germany.Net?
/ - Dauerwerbesender seiner Abbonenten. -- Lutz Donnerhacke /

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