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Subjectre: Kernel v2.1.16

Ok.. everyone.. sorry about those massive posts about ldconfig and the
-v flag. I thought it *was* a kernel issue, thats why I posted to linux-kernel.
But, since I've found that its *not* a bug either, I will do things according
to everyone's suggestions.

The real reason I'm writing to linux-kernel this time is because of the
routing in 2.1.16. I realize that some changes have been made to the kernel
to make routing auto-configure (I think, from what I've read from the other
posts). But this makes it completely incompatible with my current setup. Is
there any plans to put it back to "normal"? Or is there anything I can do to
get my loopback device route come back? etc, etc, etc. I too, get the

sendto: Bad address
1 traceroute: wrote chars, ret=-1

error. I'm sure a lot of people are familiar with this. Is there currently
any solution to this?



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