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SubjectRe: serial.c in 2.1.16 (PCMCIA problems)

Ion Badulescu wrote:
> My patch for serial.c (which is included in 2.1.16) solves some of the
> problems introduced in 2.1.15, but the PCMCIA modems still don't work.

Confirmed, and I ended up commenting out the check_region() stuff as you
did to get things hobbling along until a proper fix is issued.

While we're on the subject of PCMCIA brokenness... I've got a New Media
LiveWire PCMCIA Ethernet card that quit working as of 2.1.15. Finally
screwed up my courage and dove into the new networking code to see what
was going on. As near as I can tell, even if CONFIG_IP_MULTICAST is not
set, a substantial subset of what constitutes multicast support is still
enabled: the nmclan_cs driver is trying to process a call to
restore_multicast_list() where the number of addresses is one.


I hardwired the number of addresses to zero and the card works properly
as of 2.1.16.

The real fix is to do whatever is necessary to properly address item five
in the "Driver Notes and Issues" comment section in nmclan_cs.c.
Multicast processing has evidently been a long-standing problem for this
particular card, and I can confirm that enabling multicast support in
older kernel versions gives the New Media card serious heartburn.

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