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SubjectRe: Possible kernel optimization

Joe Fouche wrote:

> Sounds OK with me, but why stop there? Make every part of the kernel
> internals a module. Then, to upgrade a system, one unloads everything except
> the module code, then reloads all the new modules except the init module,
> then loads the init module. And boom, it boots again. :) So upgrading is
> only necessary when updating the module code.
> I'm sure this is just as easy as it sounds. :)
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That would be great indeed. If you need a different behaviour of your
system, then you can simply change a certain kernel module.

For example:

- loading a module for networking support

- Changing the memory manager for people with less memory


It would make live easier for kernel developers: simply plug in a new
module. No longer recompile and link of the kernel !


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