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SubjectRe: Monochrome support

On Wed, 18 Dec 1996, Jeff Coy Jr. wrote:

> It works fine in DOS, but under Linux I get a blinking cursor 8 lines from
> the bottom of the screen in the far leftmost column, rather than at the
> point where I am typing. This cursor never moves. I've looked in video.S
> and it doesn't look like there is any support for monochrome moniters, but
> I'm hoping I'm just missing something.

Must be some odd bug. I used a 386 with an original Hercules card and TTL
mono monitor for some time under linux 1.2.x. That system is now in parts
on the floor as the CMOS got hosed and it decided it could no longer deal
with 200 and 340mb IDE drives, and I couldn't locate software to fix the
CMOS. It used a setup program on a floppy and did not natively support
user defined drive types.

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