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SubjectRe: Proposal: restrict link(2)

Daniel Linder wrote:
> I agree with Mr. VanDevender on this point. I personally have never
>used Quota on Linux so maybe this idea is off, but how about adding the
>smarts to the quota distribution? If this affects us, then it probably
>affects any other Unix using the same quota system (is there any other
>UNIX using the standard Linux quota?). I do not see the reasoning that we
>need to break the kernel (be it a compile time option or what) and make it
>non-Posix compliant just for one program. What options do we have to make
>Quota able to understand the linking "problem".
>Daniel Linder :: WebCentric Communications, Inc.
>(402) 346-9466

How about this:

Quota's can calculate usage by dividing the disk file by the
user count. A 500 MB file can be shared by 5 people who each
"pay" 100 MB.

(unfortunately this requires quota to read directories. I don't
know if quota has to do this already, does it just go through
owners of inodes (and is that possible in a userspace program)?
I really don't know quota that well.)

Then quota calculates for each user:

cost per user = total file size * (1 / # of users hard linking the file)
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