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SubjectRe: 2.0.27 crash

On Tue, 17 Dec 1996, Petri Kaukasoina wrote:

> This 486 has been running linux maybe 1.5 year now without any

> After boot it worked for some minutes and then it stopped again. No
> mouse, no keyboard, no answer to pings, nothing in syslog. Both times
> I was doing something with the mouse just when it hung.

I'm experiencing some crashes on a P5-133, 40MB, Triton II HX EIDE,
3c509, on 2.0.27. Nothing on syslog, time to press reset.

Everything works until I start getting Segmentation Fault during a
compile, then I get Segmentation Fault at *every* shell command.
Sometimes sync works, sometimes hangs. I can still exit from the
programs (or navigate a couple of menus) but I can't run new ones.
I don't use X on that machine.

The crashes occur once every some days. The machine is in use 7/8
hours a day. It serves some NFS clients and is used to compile.

I've run memtest86 (from hwtools*.deb but it crashes on that
motherboard (well, it reboots as soon as it's run). The ram
seems good when tested on other systems, though.

Could this be hardware related?

> Has anyone seen something similar? I guess the swap partition
> was somehow corrupted.

I'll try it.

All The Best,

"There are people who don't like capitalism, and there are people who
don't like PCs, but there's no one who likes the PC who doesn't like

- Bill Gates, interviewed by the L.A. Times, 22 nov. 96 -

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