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SubjectRe: Why not make mrproper? (was Linux v2.1.16)

> On Wed, 18 Dec 1996, Kai Schulte wrote:
> > make mrproper is a superset of make clean, so nobody would want to
> > do both anyway. In most cases, mrproper involves more work because
> > you have to hide your .config someplace :)
> chmod a-r .config
> :)

Alternatively, you could use make menuconfig or make xconfig,. I know
for sure that you can store your configuration to a file with xconfig, and
load it up as well. I generally keep mine in the root home directory and load
it up from there.

I do that, because when I DL the source tree, I tend to remove the
previous tree before unpacking the new kernel. That way ensures me that there
aren't any stale dependencies lying around..

If you want to use xconfig, last I remembered, you'll need the tcl/tk
software installed.. but give it a go.. you'll like it.

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