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Subjectnfs-mount options

While testing some experimental nfs stuff, I used the line

mount -ofg,mountprog=500005,nfsprog=500003,intr,wsize=8192 cerebro:/root/db /mnt

(I used mount-2.5g on linux-2.1.14)

the mountd was contacted correctly, but the nfs-daemon (prog number
500003) was contacted with prog number 100003 (the default),
i.e. the kernel did contact the correct PORT (namely the port
registered to the "new" 500003 service, rather than to port 2049
where my standard nfsd was listening), but it didn't use the prog number
I gave on the mount command-line.

Its not very urgent (my new nfsd now uses the standard prog number, just a different
port, the -oport=2050 command works), but it was very annoying.

Do I need a new mount, or is the nfsprog= option ignored, or what
do I wrong?

a merry christmas to all!

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