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Subjecttraffic shaper woes...


I've been thinking about trying to write a net driver that would enable
me to pretend that I've got limited bandwith over a fake connection -
like the dummy driver - so I could test the download times of web pages
I've written over a 28kbps modem without having to pay my phone company
for the call. It seems that the traffic shaper would do the job instead,
but it doesn't seem to work with the dummy module. The following sequence
of commands brings my machine down:

shivan~# insmod dummy -o dummy1 # we don't want kerneld to unload them
shivan~# insmod shaper -o shaper0 # while I'm typing!
shivan~# ifconfig dummy1 netmask broadcast \
shivan~# shapecfg attach shaper0 dummy1
shivan~# shapecfg speed shaper0 28800
shivan~# ifconfig shaper0 netmask broadcast \
shivan~# route add -net netmask dev shaper0

At this point a ftp trasfer to gives about 300 k/sec (the
same as to a unshaped dummy interface) and a ftp trasfer accross dummy0
(ifconfiged to my real IP address of pointopoint) crashes
the machine sometimes.

Am I doing something stupid with the setup? Does the trafic shaper
only work with real devices? Has anyone done this sucessfully?


PS thanks for writing it in the first place - it looks very like it'll
be fun to play with! :-)

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