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Subjectinteresting behavior on syquest drives

I've seen interesting behavior on the partitioning with my syquest
drive (135 M).

Its seems dos can either treat this as a large floppy (no paritition table)
or a hard disk (partition table).

It seems both work, but the default behavior on dos is to not have
a partition table.

Is there a way to identify whether or not the partition table is valid
(it seems in both cases the first sector on the disks end in aa55).

This is serious, because trying to mount a partition has caused
panics...something in the kernel is too trusting (I'm running 2.0.27).
It seems the panics may have been coming from the aha1522 driver I'm

Is there also a way to save the kernel messages in front of a panic?
If necessary, I don't mind hooking up RS232 ports on machines together.
(I didn't bother to write down the log messages...)

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