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SubjectRe: severe bug !!

> i recall working wonders with 'ln' and 'mv' on a sunos box with corrupted
> libraries. looking at a sunos 4.1.3 box i see that init=/bin/sh would
> have worked (wow! cuz /bin/sh is staticly linked as it should be). and a
> handful of useful things in /bin and /etc are static (such as mount,
> ifconfig, update, fsck, hostname, ldd, tar, sh, mv, ln). you can do lots
> with these.

there are very few people who can locate and repair such lockup problems
with only a few tools (a complete recue disk won't help them too much).
the tradeoff between this failsafe feature and the memory comsumption
esp. for a statically shell (ok, it could be a separate binary) is too high IMHO.

and Murphy's law for corrupted systems clearly says that there is always
one (the important one) tool missing on your list of static helpers...

> on my redhat system a brief look at /bin and /sbin reveals only a couple
> static bins namely "ldconfig" and the e2fs tools (which are only static
> cuz the author knows they should be). this situation should be improved.
> the little bit of extra disk space used by staticly linking a few bins is
> cheap.

ldconfig is enough to fix at least this problems so "init=/sbin/ldconfig"
would have been ehough to "fix" once you know the problem, no static shell needed...

> you'll all think i'm crazy until the day it would have saved you some
> precious minutes of downtime. take action! write your local governments
> or at least the author of your favorite distribution!

if you have such a downtime, use a recue floppy, a installation system or similar.
you will need them anyway in case of a corrupted root file system where all
your static tools won't help anymore. and there is no time saving at all
using one on-disk recovery for some problems; a floppy-based recovery for
others then you've to be familar with both. use one tool all the time
and improve that one...

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