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SubjectRe: Someone looking to port Linux to DEC ? (Re: UFS file system)

> > In the same vein, what's the news on Linux for the DEC
> > 3100/5000 ? I have an old 3100 at home, networked to the PC, that
> > is struggling to run Ultrix on its 16MB of RAM. I'm sure Linux would
> > do a lot better...

Linux/MIPS does better. I've been working on it for the longest time
with just 8mb of RAM.

The bad news is that Linux still does only compute BogoMIPS on DECstations
as DECstations will need a complete new set of drivers etc for their

> Gosh you don't mean an old MicroVax3100 do you, Nah !
> Prolly an DecStation3100(MIPS), right ?
> I know the 5000 you mention is a MIPS box.
> Heck, I have an DS2100 sitting next to me & a DS5200 on
> top o'that . I remember hearing about a port to the
> MIPS but don't remember which Rx000 it was to.

DECstations were built based on R2000/R3000. There was also a rare
R4000 version.


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