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SubjectSomeone looking to port Linux to DEC ? (Re: UFS file system)

On Tue, 17 Dec 1996, Hugues Talbot wrote:

... snip request for info on UFS ...


> In the same vein, what's the news on Linux for the DEC
> 3100/5000 ? I have an old 3100 at home, networked to the PC, that
> is struggling to run Ultrix on its 16MB of RAM. I'm sure Linux would
> do a lot better...

Gosh you don't mean an old MicroVax3100 do you, Nah !
Prolly an DecStation3100(MIPS), right ?
I know the 5000 you mention is a MIPS box.

Heck, I have an DS2100 sitting next to me & a DS5200 on
top o'that . I remember hearing about a port to the
MIPS but don't remember which Rx000 it was to.

> Maybe I should start thinking of helping the dvp process. Ahh,
> life is short.

Please do., I for one am willing to take on the onerous
task of porting Linux-Vax.

Have you by chance seen an FAQ/README/etc... on the
caveats & gotcha's ... ?
Any Help appreciated, JimL
| James W. Laferriere | Network Engineer |
| | System Techniques |
| 25416 - 22nd S. | Kent, WA 98032 |
| Give me VMS -or- Give me Linux |
| but only on AXP |

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