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SubjectRe: Linux Security: An Appeal

> Several days ago, I resubscribed to linux-kernel after a bit of a hiatus.
> Before resubscribing, I sent a note about what was the reaction to the
> UNIX Review article about "Security: UNIX vs Mainframes". At that time,
> I didn't have the magazine issue in front of me, but it is November 1996.
> Paraphrased and summarized from:
> Security: UNIX vs Mainframes
> by Dorin Miller, Pg 63-66
> UNIX Review November 1996

"Unix vs Mainframes"? The summary is "Unix vs MVS", and both run on

Unix and MVS are different, like a knife and a spoon. Spoons are lousy at
cutting steak, and it is hard to eat soup with a knife :-)

Combining features is not always a good idea - ever tried to use one
of those fully featured Swiss Army knives? You have to hold your steak
with your hand in order to cut it with your knife, or use your fork and
just gnaw on the steak :-) At best it is a messy situation, and you'd be
better off with the individual utensils.

Andrew E. Mileski
Linux Plug-and-Play Kernel Project
XFree86 Matrox Team

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