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SubjectRe: GB vs MB - a proposal


> mb = 2^20
> MB = 1,000,000
>MB and mb don't conflict with the commonly used Mb which typically means
>I know you will probably have issues with this, but can you deal?

No. Not really. The oh so happy disk vendors have been a pain in the ass for
quite an extended period of time with their warping the original definitions of

Even though in this case 'mb' seems senseless (for millibits), it's still
ortogonal, which I think is more important than making people that want to let
their product sound bigger 'win'.

If something is 2,000,000 bytes, then it's 2,000,000 bytes, and not 2 MB. If
you think an electrotechnician will accept 'mb' or even 'Mb', you're wrong.
Also they will not accept memory sizes that are 2 million bytes to be depicted
as 2MB. It's a huge hype, kept together by our dearest marketing and salesmen.
Let's not keep this going by trying to conform to an eronous assumption.


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