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SubjectRE: adding scsi devices

if you have only one scsi card your host would be 0. If it has only one scsi
channel then the channel would be 0, the id is the scsi id on the drive could
be 0 to 7 depending on the configuration and the lun should be 0.

the command is for adding a scsi device that you may have forgotten to turn on
before system powerup. syntax is:

echo "scsi add-single-device <host> <channel> <id> <lun>" > /proc/scsi/scsi

I have used this to add my jaz drive after the systems is running.

you could also shutdown your machine, add the device, and restart. This is the
best solution. If you have problems restarting check the scsi id's of all devic
currently connected.


On 17-Dec-96 "Marty Leisner" wrote:
--->Well, I never got this working satisfactorily, but the kernel code
--->in 2.0.27 has:
--->(in scsi.c)
--->f(!strncmp("add-single-device", buffer + 5, 17)) {
---> p = buffer + 23;
---> host = simple_strtoul(p, &p, 0);
---> channel = simple_strtoul(p+1, &p, 0);
---> id = simple_strtoul(p+1, &p, 0);
---> lun = simple_strtoul(p+1, &p, 0);
---> printk("scsi singledevice %d %d %d %d\n", host, channel,
---> id, lun);
--->The man page (PROC(5) Linux Programmer's Manual PROC
--->22 July 1996 1
---> An echo `scsi singledevice 1 0 5 0' >
---> /proc/scsi/scsi will cause host scsi1 to
---> scan on SCSI channel 0 for a device on ID 5
---> LUN 0. If there is already a device known on
---> this address or the address is invalid an
---> error will be returned.
--->I find this strategy awkward (to say the least) and I'm not sure what number
--->to fill in (unless I write it down). I understand LUNs, is channel 0 the
--->first scsi board (if we have only one board?).
--->On a syquest disk, do they just have ID 0 (one device??)
--->It would make sense to allow a rescan via user control if no devices are ope
--->It would be good to allow a rescan with active devices (but this will be mor
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E-Mail: Mark F. burgo <>
Date: 12/17/96
Time: 12:53:32

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