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Subjectadding scsi devices

Well, I never got this working satisfactorily, but the kernel code
in 2.0.27 has:

(in scsi.c)
f(!strncmp("add-single-device", buffer + 5, 17)) {
p = buffer + 23;

host = simple_strtoul(p, &p, 0);
channel = simple_strtoul(p+1, &p, 0);
id = simple_strtoul(p+1, &p, 0);
lun = simple_strtoul(p+1, &p, 0);

printk("scsi singledevice %d %d %d %d\n", host, channel,
id, lun);

The man page (PROC(5) Linux Programmer's Manual PROC(5)
22 July 1996 1
An echo `scsi singledevice 1 0 5 0' >
/proc/scsi/scsi will cause host scsi1 to
scan on SCSI channel 0 for a device on ID 5
LUN 0. If there is already a device known on
this address or the address is invalid an
error will be returned.

I find this strategy awkward (to say the least) and I'm not sure what numbers
to fill in (unless I write it down). I understand LUNs, is channel 0 the
first scsi board (if we have only one board?).

On a syquest disk, do they just have ID 0 (one device??)

It would make sense to allow a rescan via user control if no devices are open.
It would be good to allow a rescan with active devices (but this will be more

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