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SubjectRe: Weird problems with ne2000 clone

> I have 16bit ISA ne2000 clone with WinBond chipset.

Unfortunately (?) there are lots of "Winbond" ne2000 clones, ranging
from a simple/early 8390 clone to recent DP83905 software configurable
clones (and now even PCI clones!)

> Generally it works as it should, but sometimes,
> when it is hevily loaded (large samba/nfs transfers),
> it hangs - no panic, no log entry, nothing. Kernel
> just freezes up :-( This has happened many

Well, without any kernel messages of any sort, pointing your finger at
the ne2000 card and jumping up and down may not be 100% justified.

> I suspect that some others might have same problem.
> My machine is P90 (with fdiv bug) on Intel Plato,
> RZ1000 controlled ATA-drives, 48M memory and

The RZ1000 chips are known to be buggy, and you can get into
trouble with them if you aren't careful (see "man hdparm").


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