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Subject2.0.27 crash

Hello all,

This 486 has been running linux maybe 1.5 year now without any
problems. But today it hung while I was tarring lots of files and
doing something with the mouse in X. The disk went silent, the mouse
and the keyboard did not respond (not even the magic ScrollLock
combinations). The box did not answer pings. Oh, I was running linux
2.0.27 and XFree86 v3.2. IDE-disk, VLB, 3c509, no soundcard, no ISDN,
no modules.

After boot it worked for some minutes and then it stopped again. No
mouse, no keyboard, no answer to pings, nothing in syslog. Both times
I was doing something with the mouse just when it hung.

Then I tested the memory with memtest-86. Seemed ok. Booted again,
seemed to work, went to have some lunch. When I came back, it had
crashed again, but now with these messages in the syslog (the time
corresponds to an uptime of 16 mins):

Dec 17 12:25:32 elektroni kernel: Trying to free nonexistent swap-page
Dec 17 12:25:32 elektroni last message repeated 2 times
Dec 17 12:25:32 elektroni kernel: release: xntpd kernel stack corruption. Aiee

Because of "nonexistent swap-page" I decided to
swapoff -a
mkswap -c /dev/hda1
swapon -a
and after that it seems to be ok.

Has anyone seen something similar? I guess the swap partition
was somehow corrupted.

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