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SubjectRe: Patch to pcsnd-kit for Linux-2.1.15

> > I modified pcsnd-kit files made by Mr. M. Beck and succeeded to run
> > in Linux-2.1.15 on ThinkPad 230Cs. Here is my patch.
> Can someone make sure that runs correctly on a multiprocessor machine before
> it gets submitted.
I modified pcsndrv-1.0 too, which now runs with kernel
2.1.9 to 2.1.14 at least. I send it to M. Beck but he is very busy these
day writing the new edition of "Linux Kernel Internals". It is available
on my ftp site .

It works perfectly on my mono-processor machine, if somebody could test it
on a SMP machine, please feed-back.
Regis "HPReg" DUCHESNE, Engineering Student at ***** ******** *****
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