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SubjectRe: Kernel code without GNU licence ?

> > Is it possible to contribute a new Linux kernel
> > code so that the contributed part of code
> > would be without GNU licence, so that it
> > would be completetely free.
> No great idea as this would render the GPL for the rest of
> the kernel at least partially useless. I think things
> like crt0.o and similar should stay the only exception
> from the GPL in a complete Linux system.

Hmm.. there *are* already a few non-obvious parts, but in this case, I
agree... How useful would this "free" part of the kernel without the
"non-free" (heh :) GPL-ed kernel? If it really is useful, why is it a
problem to include it in the kernel GPL-ed, as normal, and distributing it
separately under a different license (PD, or anything)?


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