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SubjectRe: Proposal: restrict link(2)

Alan Cox writes:
> > Well, there are other possible solutions, but they'd require
> > a lot more work. COnsider extending ext2fs to include, in each file's
> > metadata, a list (possibly long!) of the inodes of all the directories
> > containing hard links to the file. There would be excruciating race
> > conditions, of course, but with such a scheme you might:
> This is all old old hat from the BSD world. The conventional solution
> is that when there seems to be a problem a quick pass with find, rm
> and userdel fixes the issue ;)

Hear, hear! These suggestions of fixing problems (often due to poor
administration/buggy set-root-id programmes) in the kernel rather than
fixing them in userland (where it should be done) are not helpful.
It may be that Linux gives you the power to shoot yourself in the
foot. The solution is not to remove that power, but to learn about it
and handle with care.



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