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SubjectRe: Oracle on Linux: Can I compile and link COFF objects?

First a couple of good answers....

On Sat, 14 Dec 1996, Tony Nugent wrote:

> > I've also tried to use SCO idld (the one I used to install Oracle) but it
> > doesn't recognise ELF files :((
> I'm fairly sure that you can't link a mixture of different object
> formats together.
> I'm not at all sure that COFF and a.out format object files will link
> together... I think they will. (AFAIK they are the same/similar
> thing, but I'm not sure).
> Try using the gcc a.out compiler/linker. To do that...
> ========8<----------------------------------
> To generate a.out binaries, please do
> gcc -b i486-linuxaout
> To use libg.a for debugging instead of, please use
> -ggdb. To use libc_p.a for profiling instead of,
> please use -profile.
> ========8<----------------------------------
> (This is taken from `release.gcc-', but it applies to gcc-2.7.0
> and later versions).

On Fri, 13 Dec 1996, William Burrow wrote:

> I think there might be a DOS a.out to COFF utility packed with DJGPP
> (the DOS version of gcc). If there is source, you can compile it for
> Linux. Use a.out as your format for compiling the .c files then convert
> them with the a.out to COFF utility and finally link with the SCO
> linker.

Thanks to everybody who answered my question.

Now I see the only solution is to produce a.out format instead of ELF.
I have a couple of problems:

1. Will SCO idld link a.out with COFF?
If not, someone suggested me (thanxs William) to convert a.out to COFF
with some DJGPP DOS utilities. But 1st I have to compile a.out :(

2. Do I need to install another version of GCC with special build
parametres to make o.out files?
Tony suggested to use CFLAGS=$CFLAGS -bi486-linuxaout, but I still get
ELF objects.

Any hints to get those a.out files? Do I install a new GCC? Is there an
easiest way?

Pau Aliagas
Ready Soft System Manager

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