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SubjectNo active SCB scsi error


I am getting the following error:

SCSI0 No active SCB for reconnecting target 0 channel A - issueing
ABORT_TCL (0x0).

This keeps scrolling on the screen and the server dies. I've been
running Linux 2.0.24 for about 1 month and this has happend twice. It
seems to be random. I have two other servers running with the same
hardware and OS version but haven't run into any problems. It was
running fine on 2.0.4 for the longest time. Were there any changes made
to the Drivers that would affect this or is it a hardware problem ?

Adaptec 2940 and 1G Seagate ST1080sl, Intel Vx430 P5 100Mhz. Linux

Any help would be appreciated.


Emanuele Buttice Network Analyst
Elecomm Corporation -

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