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SubjectRe: linux on the sony playstation (!)

> Hi
> I just thought about this yesterday... the
> sony playstation (yes, the game platform !)
> contains a R3000A and 2MB of RAM. It costs
> nothing... does anyone knows if it would be
> hard to port linux, or if it is worth ?
> (I don't really know how powerfull is a R3000A
> compared to a 486). I think Sony would be
> pretty (very) reticent to giving away specs.

While not really kernel related, it is food for thought, so I'll throw this
out :) Someone on one of the linuxisp lists had asked a few days ago how hard
it would be to make a dedicated PC to compete with the new WebTV products. It
would seem to me, that this would be an intriguing alternative. Buy a disk
for your Sony Playstation that comes with a modem that hooks into one of the
memory card slots, connect your modem to a phone line, fire up the CD, and
viola, you have a dedicated Linux kernel running a custom, built in X display
on the PAL (I think anyway) hardware of the Playstation, and running the web
browser of your choice on that screen with the controller or the Playstation
Mouse to control things :)

> It could be used as part of clusters through
> PPP. 2MB of RAM is enough to load the kernel
> and some computing application.
> (and for fun, of course ! hey, honey, look :
> my playstation run unix :) )
> What about this crazy idea ?
> alex
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