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SubjectRE: PPP-Problem?! A short question...

On 01-Dec-96 root wrote:
>A few days ago something mysterious happens with ppp-connections
>to to my internet provider:
>While I am downloading software, the transfer rates starts at a
>high point and slows down step by step until it reaches
>0 bytes per second (or as netscape wants to say : "stalled").
>At this point nothing work anymore. I have shut down the connection
>and relogin. Then the play starts again...
>But this don't happen EVERY time.
>SO: Does anybody knows something about this effect? Or is it a known
>problem of something inside my box (pppd-bug, kernel-feature??)

Can you see if the same thing happens under DOS/WIN or tell
us if earlier versions of Linux exhibit this problem?

I had a simlilar problem last summer and pulled out lots of
hair trying to figure out what was going on. I even wrote a
rather long winded post to this list but got no response. I
ended up setting up PPP under Windows 3.1 (Trumpet WinSock)
and found the same thing occuring.

After many denials, I finally got my ISP to admit that it
was a problem on their end. In their last correspondence with
me they said that it was a known problem with NT 3.51 (running
on their PPP server) and that it should be fixed when they
upgrade to 4.0. A few weeks later all was well.

I don't fully trust their explaination. I have don't doubt
that NT _could_ be the problem, but the folks running my
ISP seem kinda clueless. There is no telling what the _real_
problem was. Their earlier explainations included "not enough
RAM" and "driver problems with their multiport serial board,"
as well a a few others that I can't remember. Anyways... for
the past couple months I have had exceptional PPP performance.

A few things that you can do to isolate the problem:

Run 'traceroute' to the server(s) that you are connected
to when this problem occurs. You should be able to tell
if any router along the way is causing the problem. When
I did this, I would randomly loose packets right after the
packet went through the NT PPP server.

Ping the server/routers that your 'traceroute' shows your
packets to be travelling through. When I did this, pings
from the PPP server came back in under 200ms. Pings to any
node on the other side of the PPP server, on my ISP's
internal network or outside of it, including their router,
would range from 150ms to 8000ms, with lots of dropped and
duplicate packets.

Good luck.


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