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SubjectRe: PPP-Problem?! A short question...

On Sun, 1 Dec 1996, root wrote:

> High kernel crawlers ! ;-)
> May be this is my, and only my problem ... but ...
> I am using kernel 2.1.13 with all needed updates (think so...) and
> netscape 3.0/GOLD
> A few days ago something mysterious happens with ppp-connections
> to to my internet provider:
> While I am downloading software, the transfer rates starts at a
> high point and slows down step by step until it reaches
> 0 bytes per second (or as netscape wants to say : "stalled").
> At this point nothing work anymore. I have shut down the connection
> and relogin. Then the play starts again...
> But this don't happen EVERY time.
> I have checked the scripts in /etc over and over.
> I have checked my connection with netstat, ifconfig, route and pppstats.
> Nothing seems to be wrong...
> SO: Does anybody knows something about this effect? Or is it a known
> problem of something inside my box (pppd-bug, kernel-feature??)
netscape does that sometimes on _SLOW_ connections... you might have
wrong MTU or something... (common values for MTU are 296, 1006 and
What do you mean by "nothing work anymore" ? does non-netscape network
software work? ;) (and what's up with the modem leds at that moment;)

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