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SubjectRe: dev
On Fri, 8 Nov 1996, Karl R. Heyes wrote:

> I think I'll make some more comments about this, and try to point out some
> issues that have been raised.
> 1. On my system I have over 600 entries, some have stated that they have over
> 1000. This large number of entries is handled well under ext2, but what
> about other filesystems, umsdos for instance. How many blocks would be taken
> up.

None! umsdos store special files as empty files, using no cluster.

> 6. Dev entries for none loaded modules. I can see this being useful, but
> you would need either a daemon to check every so often or a one-off utility
> to scan the modules. Similar action to what ldconfig does for shared
> libraries.

I have in mind (I am maintainer of the module utilities) a mecanism where
module writer will be able to store inside the module configuration
information. This will be store in a non-loadable ELF section. A special
utility will be created to parse those module and extract these
informations. This may very well include device node configuration.

This would mean creating the device out of a module list is possible.

Jacques Gelinas (
Linuxconf: The ultimate administration system for Linux.

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