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SubjectRe: hd trouble question
Egor Egorov wrote:
> Hi. I have one trouble, and the following configuration:
> ide first channel: old 40mb ide maxtor drive, master.
> ide second chanel: wd caviar 2700 (730mb), and atapi cdrom.
> Linux is running on wd, but old maxtor drive is swap partition. I did such
> configuration because I wanted swap to be on other channel, and this old
> drive is not capable to run on second channel (or capable ? If so, how do I
> ?). My previous configuration was, when both hd was on first channel, and
> cdrom was on other, and it worked just fine. But when I moved to
> old-on-first-channel configuration, it seems to be, that Linux has trouble
> with this old crate:
> hda: hda: status timeout: status = 0x80 { Busy }
> hda: drive not ready for command
> ide0: reset: success
> Today I received this one:
> hda: no DRQ after issuing WRITE
> hda: status error: status=0x58 { DriveReady SeekComplete DataRequest }
> hda: drive not ready for command
> ide0: reset: success
> This drive has badblocks (three ones, from maxtor corp.;-) ), but they was
> ok on other configuration. Please help me, I love swap on entire device on
> other channel so much! I can even work in X on 8mb! :)) (btw, I strongly
> recommend you to use some old drive entire for swap on other channel - it's
> perfectly! Especially 120mb drives).
> Linux 2.0.24; ide onboard, chipset umc8???. Yearh, I forgot one thing:
> hdb: no response (status = 0x80)
> on startup. Always. I have no hdb installed. :)
> Any suggestion ?

May be you don't believe it. I got the same problem with my maxtor
500MB this
Thursday. I couldn't make the drive work (because I have 400MB data on
the drive
and no backup for it). Eventually, I put my drive into my fringe for 2
hours and
connect it to my computer, and now, I can read the data and I
immediately back it

Four months ago, my hard disk already had a similar problem and I have
to let my
computer case open all the time or it gave me the similar error
message. My drive
keeps working until this Thursday and just try to cool it down (in the
fringe) and
it works!!!


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