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9 Nov 1996

  Re: objdump -k -q -o 0xC0100000 in 2.1.7Bernhard Rosenkraenzer
  Re: RSH problem is backKees Bakker
  Re: RSH problem is backJon Lewis
  Re: ldconfig won't update libraries"D. Chiodo"
  Re: PCI 3C90X eth card problemMirko Manea
[New] kernel: dev 02:00, sector 0Vladimir Litovka
[New] Re: finger Cespedes
[New] Compiling libc-5.4.10/11 w. 2.1.7 header files breaks network"Michael L. Galbraith"
[New] Can't compile 2.0.25Juan Cespedes
  Re: objdump -k -q -o 0xC0100000 in 2.1.7"Michael L. Galbraith"
[New] Re: RANT: serial console(H. Peter Anvin)
  Linux-2.0.25 and 2.1.8Linus Torvalds
[New] Re: proc_generic - cool new stuff"A.N.Kuznetsov"
[New] Using TRANS.TBLRandolf Skerka
  header files, sys/stream.h, sys/mbuf.h...Pedro Roque
  RSH problem is backNIIBE Yutaka
  Re: hd trouble questionLawrence Chim
[New] 2.0.25Mikael Abrahamsson
[New] 2.1.8: DMA crossing 64-K boundarySteffen Zahn
[New] where to get the latest kernel patches/sources?M Shariful Anam
  Re: NFS client permission bugIon Badulescu
  Re: PCI 3C90X eth card problemDaniel Chalef
[New] Cold reboot w/2.0.xRob Hagopian
  Re: reboot on panicMatthias Urlichs
[New] SMP and ThreadsJan Uschok
  Dosemu...Charlie Ross
  Re: Linux-2.0.25 and 2.1.8Michael Nelson
[New] 2.1.8: Kernel Panic upon IDE Drive Mount <[email protected] ...
  Re: PAS support in 2.1.7 broken?Markus Gutschke
[New] Re: www access to linus' dirs on down?sheldon newhouse
  Re: The best filesystem for a BIG news server(Christoph Lameter)
[New] Tape Problems Redux [email protected] ...
  Re: RANT: serial consoleJared Mauch
[New] modules and 2.1.8"Zephaniah E. Hull"
  Re: Using TRANS.TBLNathan Bryant
[New] Kernel MakefilesBob Stanfield
  Re: 2.0.25"Adam D. Bradley"
[New] Re: devJacques Gelinas
  Re: Linux-2.0.25 and 2.1.8Jauder Ho
[New] CanScott Likens
  Re: finger Cox)
  Re: RSH problem is back(Alan Cox)
[New] Re: objdump -k -q -o 0xC0100000 in 2.1.7 (fwd)babydr
  Re: Can't compile 2.0.25Egor Egorov
  Re: 2.0.25(Philippe Strauss)
[New] 2.1.8: Oops in binfmt_elf.c (compl. of info)(Philippe Strauss)
[New] Re: Module loading (2.0.24) fails with "Unable to allocate DMA me ...Jean Francois Martinez
  Re: 2.0.25(Alan Cox)
[New] Aaargh! I take it back! (rdmsr/wrmsr error)Lindsay Haisley
[New] Re: RANT: serial consoleTodd Graham Lewis
[New] NCR53C8XX-1.14c: IDENTIFY(DiscPriv) control per device (patch)Gerard Roudier
  Re: Problems with netscape in 2.0.24Herbert Xu
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