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SubjectRe: Can't get butable kernel 2.1
At 01:45 4.11.1996 -0800, you wrote:
>For some reason I cannot create bootable image of 2.1 kernels.
>It seems to compile fine but at the and it says: System is 13 kB
>and indeed zImage (I use make zImage) is about that size. Of course it's
>not bootable. vmlinux created in the linux directory has right size but
>cannot be booted as well. I use loadlin.
>Does anybody know what's going on?
>Current kernel is 2.0.21 and it compiled and now works ok.
>Thank you.

Edit your /usr/src/linux/arch( /i386 ?)/Makefile like this:

<....>) encaps


<...>) do_not_use_encaps


>Alex Gitelman
>phone: (510)-486-5785
>fax: (510)-486-4004

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