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SubjectRe: unusual startup messages
Robert Nichols ( wrote:

: FWIW, I believe that the regs currently require an export license for
: *any* crypto, regardless of the key length, unless it is solely for
: authentication and not usable for hiding information. It's just that
: approval is pretty much assured for key lengths of 40 bits or less.
: Even then, I expect there would be a problem if increasing the length
: was just a matter of changing a couple of constants somewhere.

The Netscape binaries that are free for download worldwide use 40 bit
encryption, the US domestic binaries use 128 bit encryption.

The RSA/Fujitsu collaboration spinoff in Japan that has produce 1024 bit
encryption software that can be sold worldwide may have basically made
the legal question moot, unless the US wants to cut itself off from the
Rick Kelly

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