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SubjectRe: Problems with netscape in 2.0.24

On 5 Nov 1996, stephen farrell wrote:

> (Erik B. Andersen) writes:
> netscape does have a bug. i have already provided them with specific
> information about what that might be related to (david lea's malloc --
> the one used by default in libc 5.2.13 and newer -- does not tolerate
> deletes on non-malloc'd memory... and i think there was another
> suggestion, which i also forwarded to jwz.) i think the best thing
> for linux users to do is to use the LD_PRELOAD directive to point
> their netscape to a old libc (or, a new libc compiled with old malloc
> -- i've got this if anyone wants it), and, of course, to keep
> improving their OS so that it will be financially viable for companies
> like netscape to spend more money supporting linux.
Wouldn't it be possible to just compile the old malloc into a shared
library and LD_PRELOAD that instead of the whole libc.5.2.18?

That way we could save a lot of memory

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