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    SubjectRe: Triton II + 6x86 hangs
    On Sat, 2 Nov 1996, Gerald Combs wrote:

    > I recently "upgraded" to a generic Triton II motherboard with a Cyrix
    > 6x86 processor. At random times my system now hangs completely - it
    > doesn't respond to keyboard or mouse input and I can't telnet into the
    > machine. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to when the hangs
    > happen. Sometimes (rarely) it happens during the boot process. At other
    > times the machine will go a full day without any problems. The only time
    > it consistenly hangs is when xscreensaver's 'halo' module runs. After
    > rebooting there aren't any log messages or anything else indicating that
    > the system was having any problems.
    > The system consists of the motherboard, an S3 PCI video card, an NCR
    > 53C810 SCSI controller with a Quantum HD attached, a clone NE2000
    > ethernet card, and a PAS 16 sound card with a CD-ROM attached.
    > I've tried every BIOS and kernel configuration combination I can think
    > of, including those concerning RAM parity checking, APM, and onboard IDE
    > controllers. The problem happens with kernel versions 2.0.22 and 2.0.24.
    > After finding messages in the linux-kernel archives from people with
    > similar problems, I also installed versions 2.0.10 and 1.3.100, but the
    > problem persisted.
    > Does anyone know what could be causing these hangs?

    Is the Hard disk light on when it has hung? Does this happen only
    with the Triton hard disk support enabled? I have the problem with a
    pucker P133 if DMA is enabled and I am beginning to suspect that it is
    simply (!?) IDE bus hangs.

    Peter Denison <>
    Currently (still) working on a driver for Promise cards under Linux.

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