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SubjectRe: objdump -k -q -o 0xC0100000 in 2.1.7
You're obviously far more knowledgeable than me as well as further
ahead, but I had tiny kernels myself in 2.1 and wanted to say my
solution in case it helps (I don't know if it is additional info or
not). The fixers will undoubtedly get further with your information.
I had binutils and libc 5.4.10 as well.

Within linux-2.1.5/arch/i386/boot/compressed/Makefile, we have:
if hash $(ENCAPS) 2> /dev/null; then \
$(OBJDUMP) $(OBJDUMP_FLAGS) -o $(IMAGE_OFFSET) $(SYSTEM) > $$tmppiggy; \
else \
$(OBJCOPY) $(SYSTEM) $$tmppiggy; \
fi; \

What I did was effectively change the result of "hash $(ENCAPS)" by
moving $(ENCAPS) to a hiding place for this stage. It then used
$(OBJCOPY) instead of $(OBJDUMP), and all was well. I had no other
troubles (gee that was easy, I thought. It was!)

After doing that, I think I saw mention of information that looked
related to the problem I was having, but gave it little mind. Sorry.

> DebiSlackHatSLS?
Mine's a SlackUlmDebiHatPedMetzVixLinuo. Runs fine, although I
continually have to run into things like you do to get it to do so.
I'm one of those people reading the "This package works ok with that
package, but not this one, meaning you have to slip this version of
that in there at that moment with this tweak and that flag" lines.
Hey, like the above! :) After solid work it's quite reliable.

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