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SubjectRe: Core dumps & restarting

* From: Raj Mathur <>
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>>>>> "David" == David C Niemi <> writes:

David> (aka, which is a
David> nontrivial server doing FTP mirroring, mailing lists, Web
David> serving, etc. was up 109 days under vanilla 2.0.0 until
David> some of its memory physically went bad and had to be
David> replaced.


David> It had an unexplained crash under 2.0.23 last Monday, (the
David> only one of its 10-month existence). There was no useful
David> info anywhere in the logs and even the console was garbled,
David> with just a little bit of an oops showing.

Perhaps a cowboy with a Win'95 box trying out the large ping?

-- Raju
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