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Subjectxntp & 2.0.24 disaster - is anybody listening ?
Hi all

I've posted reports about this twice now, but vger seems to be acting
strangely and I've not received them back, so I'd better try again ...

On Thursday evening I upgraded one of my machines from 2.0.0 to 2.0.24
because I thought that might fix some TCP problems I was seeing.

That machine happens to run xntpd. Since the upgrade, cron has been acting
strangely, apparently running jobs as many as five times in parallel -
or almost in parallel. One of the unfortunate side effects has been the
loss of most of my log files as the aging algorithms were never designed
to be reentrant :-(

I've pursued a number of false leads - with no effect. Currently I have
xntpd disabled, and one of the minor observable symptoms (a monitoring
shell script that was printing false warnings about named having died)
has gone away.

xntpd was version 3.5f - current as far as I can tell. Have I missed any
cron related required upgrades, perhaps ?

Grant R. Guenther

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