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4 Nov 1996

  Re: 2.1.7 linking errors w/ make zImage (IGNORE!)Greg Patterson
[New] Re: Tulip driver in 2.0.24(Matthew Jacob)
  Re: aplying patchesMarco Mariani
  Re: Fwd: 2.0.24 - Apache Dies?Franz Sirl
[New] Exception 15"Leonard N. Zubkoff"
  Re: broken ioctl?(Roeland Th. Jansen)
  Re: Kernel UpgradeRob Glover
[New] Cyrix 6x86 Patch..Damm
  Re: Triton II + 6x86 hangs"Richard B. Johnson"
[New] Patches to the serial driver"Theodre Ts'o"
[New] Problem Compiling 2.1.7Gustavo Lozano
[New] [bug report] 2.1.7 -> Floppy problems"Aaron Tiensivu"
[New] Can anyone explain these messages?"Aaron Tiensivu"
  Re: syslog spiral death [email protected] ...
  Re: Linus using MIME ??? (was: Linux-2.1.7)KRSE
  Re: The best filesystem for a BIG news server(Christoph Lameter)
[New] AieeAnthony Pardini
  Re: SMP "Aiee" in 2.0.24Minjui Huang
  Re: Happy Halloween!!Agus Budy Wuysang
[New] Re: time warps, I despair"Ulrich Windl"
  Re: ifconfig eth0 mtu 2000: SIOCSIFMTU: Invalid argument"Michael L. Galbraith"
  Re: Apache dying problemTam Ho
[New] Problems with netscape in 2.0.24WealSoft Computers
[New] ifconfig eth0 2000 2.1.7 oopses too w. gated"Michael L. Galbraith"
[New] Re: 2.1.7 linking errors w/ make zImageIon Badulescu
  Re: Cyrix 6x86 Patch.."B. James Phillippe"
[New] Aiee in 2.0.24(Brad Pepers)
  Re: PAS support in 2.1.7 broken?Hannu Savolainen
[New] beta testers wanted for virtual hosting & loopback filesystem patchesBenjamin C R LaHaise
  Re: X much slower in 2.0.24 than in 1.2.13(Kevin Buhr)
[New] UID permissions mappings for "privileged ports" feature -- anybod ...Bradley Ward Allen
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