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SubjectRe: Linus using MIME ??? (was: Linux-2.1.7)
In <> Alain Knaff <> writes:

> This is for instance the case for all mail received by .fr addresses:
>the greeting from the exploder in Strasbourg apparently doesn't please
>vger, which then reacts by transforming all mails into QP, even if
>they started out readable :-( This is doubly offensive, because:
> 1. AFAIK, the exploder in Strasbourg _only_ serves France.

There is a solution if you can convince the exploder admin in Strasbourg
to go along. The key that zmailer is looking for is probably the
8BITMIME responce to a EHLO esmtp message. If the mailer they're using
at Strasbourg is 8 bit clean, just add it to the section of code that
replies to the EHLO message and recompile. Many 8 bit clean mailers
don't send the 8BITMIME message because while they can handle 8 bit mail
the rfc for mailers handling this specifies they must also be able to do
multipart transforms when passing the mail to non 8 bit clean mailers
and most mailers don't. (and the ones that do, like zmailer, just seem
to piss people off)

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