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SubjectRe: problems with 2.1.12

> Two problems are noticible to me. One is the fact that my XDM Xresources
> file is no longer loaded (I.E. the XDM logon screen is the "default" "out-of
> the-box" screen), and secondly, executable scripts no longer execute. Anything
> with a #! in it refuses to work. These two are probably related, and I will
> be looking into that, but I just thought I'd let everyone know.

I fixed the #! problem by reversing the patch on binfmt_script.c. I'm not sure
about XDM as I don't use it.

The problem in binfmt_script.c seems to be that switches are not being handled
correctly as something like


works correctly but

#!/usr/bin/perl --


After looking at the code it looks like the problem is with the way that the
buffer interp is now being handled with the switch part being left in this
buffer rather than being handled seperately.


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