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24 Nov 1996

[New] binfmt_script bug in 2.1.12+?Boris Tobotras
  Re: problems with 2.1.12Joseph Skinner
  Re: 2.0.26 teles definesFritz Elfert
[New] URGENT: Last ISDN patch, missing one file!!!!Fritz Elfert
  Re: 64Mb RAM maximum with linux?"Andrew E. Mileski"
[New] Re: emumodule and 2.1.X kernel...Hans Lermen
  Re: 2.1.13 wierd....Daniel Lafraia
  Re: IPv6 and the "average user"(Kai Henningsen)
  Re: SCSI - seagte/fd-850 Questions. mike@duncodin ...
  Re: SCSI - seagte/fd-850 Questions. tenthumbs@cybernex ...
[New] ATAPI CDROM Trouble <edwalter@usa ...
[New] Various patches against v2.1.13Paul Gortmaker
  Re: 2.1.13 wierd....Charlie Ross
  Re: "Exception at ..." with 2.1.9 and 2.1.10 kernels(H. Peter Anvin)
[New] SOLVED: Prob. with Memory-Access (Framegrabber)(Thomas Niederreiter)
[New] Unresolved symbols in sound.o (2.1.8-2.1.13)"Alexander G. Stavitsky"
  Re: Unresolved symbols in sound.o (2.1.8-2.1.13)Hannu Savolainen
  Re: IPv6 and the "average user"Bernd Eckenfels
[New] Linux 2.0.26 minor bug during "make dep"M Sweger
  Re: Anybody having IDE-CD problems with 2.1.10?Rob Glover
  Re: Anybody having IDE-CD problems with 2.1.10?Kutsal BerberoGlu
[New] ...Greenie
  Re: EDO Memory BluesJason Burrell
  Re: "Exception at ..." with 2.1.9 and 2.1.10 kernels(Alan Cox)
[New] Cyrix 6x86 PatchesMark
  Re: binfmt_script bug in 2.1.12+? [here's a patch]Tom May
[New] Q: CD-I?Kutsal BerberoGlu
  Re: Anybody having IDE-CD problems with 2.1.10?(Erik Andersen)
[New] Lynx spinning. Kernel problem?David Schwartz
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