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SubjectRe: SCSI - seagte/fd-850 Questions.

In article <199611201830.KAA04254@leroy.Tera_std>,
Leslie Donaldson <> wrote:
> I have an 8 bit fd-850 scsi controlloer (IRQ-15) compile options
> What I am wondering is :
> - Anyone still supporting this code?
> - If someone is still supporting it who do I report errors to?
> - Am I the last person in the world using this piece of code?
> - ( I seem to have this problem hmmm)

Well you aren't totally alone - I use a TMC950MER for all my SCSI kit
(computing on a v. tight budget here:), and I know of a few people who
still use these cards.

I suspect that the seagate code is currently unsupported as I sent a mail to
the original author (Drew Eckhardt), to ask if it would be amended to run
under v2.1. He replied advising that it wasn't a priority for him, which is
a view I can understand seeing how old the code is.

I guess your best bet (and mine) is to switch to an adapter that is more
likely to be maintained due to more people using it, eg Buslogic or Adaptec.


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