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Subject2.1.12 && AXP

Some changes to asm-i386/socket.h didn't make it over to the alpha
side, causing core/sock.c to not compile. There are also other
things that aren't compiling either, but we'll see about those...


--- linux/include/asm-alpha/ Sat Nov 23 02:26:57 1996
+++ linux/include/asm-alpha/socket.h Sat Nov 23 02:31:41 1996
@@ -27,6 +27,10 @@
#define SO_ERROR 0x1007
#define SO_SNDBUF 0x1001
#define SO_RCVBUF 0x1002
+#define SO_RCVLOWAT 0x1010
+#define SO_SNDLOWAT 0x1011
+#define SO_RCVTIMEO 0x1012
+#define SO_SNDTIMEO 0x1013

/* linux-specific, might as well be the same as on i386 */
#define SO_NO_CHECK 11
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