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SubjectRe: VFS Documentation (Was: Re: Bug in the kernel ?)

Peter Denison <> wrote:

> [ A large patch - including VFS Documentation - good show! ]

I'm glad to see that people appreciate this sort of thing. The kernel is
lacking documentation of large parts, so I though I should tackle
something. Hopefully others will be doing the same thing! :)

> Note that in the 2.1.xx series (you were going to extend the documentation
> to cover that weren't you :-) these have now changed to:
... [changes in VFS for 2.1]
> [ Rest of patch deleted ]
> Rather a lot of drivers had to be changed because of this....

Yeap, I noticed that as I glanced over some of the patches for 2.1.x.
Unfortunately I haven't yet made the jump to working with the
developement kernels as I have had to put my patches into use on a
server (love the need for reliability).

> Cheers,
> Peter
> P.S. What was that virtual hostname stuff in the proc fs?

Ooops - i've been switching over to CVS, but it's still too difficult to
keep three patch sets separate. This one fixes a very nasty bug in
2.0.x, which explain some of the crashes people (including myself) have been
getting that show up as a total freeze (looping in iget), inode hash
table corruption and corrupted files with fat/samba/ncpf (umsdos is
useless without it).


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