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SubjectRe: total freeze - 2.0.23/2.0.24/2.0.25

Thanks to everyone who responded to my post, and pointed out possible
causes of the delay on connecting to net services on my Linux box.
But what about my MAIN problem - as in the subject line? Someone else
is getting these freezes too, which was what prompted me to post in
the first place.

To recap:

Kernel v2.0.23, previously very stable, now freezes within a day,
as do 2.0.24 and 2.0.25. Only changes: adding a local network and
a dumb terminal. My gcc version is 2.7.2; my binutils are
The source tree is 2.0.0 plus all patches up to 23. I have reinstalled
the sources from scratch, and monitored the application of each patch,
to ensure that patch wasn't failing obscurely and messing up the source
in some arcane way. I'm sure, then, that I have a clean source tree.
The only non-standard bit is Micheal Beck's PC Speaker sound driver;
but this didn't cause problems before, when I had a stable 2.0.23.

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