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SubjectRe: New kernel & Win95 Telnet <also very slow telnet through NT>

Just some of my obsevances recently...

Have installed redHat3.0.3 for several clients with RedHat's
updates and the 2.0 kernel updates. Running 2.0.25 kernel
most have been vey pleased.
However I have one client who's linux box is very very slow
during telnet sessions only. If i telnet to other ports/services
response is fine .. ie telnet x.x.x.x 25 or 110 or 21 and so forth.
For testing added a telnet entry to respond to port 99 but same slow
down is observered. Tried backing to 2.0.3 with same results. Also tried
an old "trusty" 1.3.35 kernel with the same results. Again response is
fine for all ports/services except for a telnet session.

I have tried the MTU path discovery compile option both on and off.

One information though, recently discovered the machines are connected
through an ISDN line that is using an ISDN "card" in a NT windoze server.

I have not tried the tcp/ip compatability option and the NAGLE stuff
disabled. Anybody seen this before with possible solutions. What about
sshd to avoid inetd and telnetd daemon???

At 08:32 AM 11/20/96 -0500, you wrote:
> I just upgraded our system to the Slackware '96 distribution, with
>kernel version 2.1.8. Since upgrading, all Win95 telnet users experience
>a significant delay in their telnet sessions, almost like it's set to line
>mode (but it isn't). Terminal settings (vt100) appear correct on both
> Could I have a buggy telnetd or kernel version? Anyone ever heard
>of this?

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