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SubjectRe: News gateway problem

On Wed, 20 Nov 1996, . Tethys SYSTEM ADMIN X wrote:

> >I find spam in my mailbox every day, all of it because this list
> >exposes my address on usenet.
> Wrong. If that were the case, I would also have a mailbox full of spam,
> and I don't. I'm currently subscribed to 10 mailing lists (mostly Linux
> oriented on vger), and the last time I was spammed was over 2 years ago.
> My guess is that spammers have got your email address from elsewhere,
> and you're blaming it on this list because you see it as the most
> likely source of the problem.
Well, I don't use my account on usenet. I to am only subscribed to
"private" mailing lists, and I get the usual grift that everyone else
complains about. You probably just haven't used the right key words in
your postings.



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