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Subject53c7,8xx vs. 53c8xx?
Has anybody performed any real speed tests between the two?

I did a quick test by timing how long it took to sync, write 100mb from
/dev/zero to a file, sync, write 200mb from /dev/zero to another file to
clear the first file from the cache (running with 192mb ram), and read
back the first file, then rm the two and sync again to clean things up. I
did this about 5 times for each one (performing it right after booting),
and noticed that the 53c7,8xx driver was about 15% fast than the 53c8xx
driver. I'm running with a 53c810 btw...

It also seems very noticeably faster overall just using the system with
the 53c7,8xx driver (which is what I normally use).

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